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ASV Lever Maintenance

ASV Lever Maintenance

ASV levers are very durable and require very little maintenance.

To Clean your ASV lever-

Use contact cleaner or a solvent based cleaner. If you lever has been exposed to water (washing your motorcycle/ATV) dry with cloth or use air from an air compressor.

To lubricate your ASV lever-

DO NOT USE A HEAVY OIL on the spring or pivot area. This will allow the area to collect dirt and grime, and decrease the performance of your ASV lever. Use a light solvent based oil like WD40. The spring on your ASV lever is made of a special Chrome Silicon wire and can not be plated. It will develop some rust. That is O.K. Just keep a light film of WD40 to prevent corrosion. Same with the bearing pivot area and perch pivot area.

Be sure to check the reach adjust lock nut to be sure it is tight on a regular basis. It is recommended that after you get the reach adjust perfect that you use some loc-tite bolt glue to lock it into place.

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