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Off Road FAQs

Off Road FAQs

Q- What is the difference between the F1, F3 and C6 series of ASV Off Road levers?

A- ASV offers three model choices in our unbreakable levers. Our newest levers, which we now call our “C6 Series” are CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum billet and carry a 6-year guarantee. Our C6 Levers have a completely new design that features “On The Fly” reach adjust! An industry first! No other off-road lever offers “On The Fly” reach adjustment via a wheel adjuster on both the clutch & brake lever.  Now you can change how far your levers are from the grips anytime without tools!  The levers are available in a matte finish, color anodized in Red, Blue, or Black with a laser engraved ASV logo and a new shape with a more comfortable and lighter feel. The C6 Series starts at $100.00 each.

Our "F3 Series" levers are forged from 6061 aluminum, feature a forged blade that is similar in shape to a stock lever, carry a three year guarantee and are available in anodized colors with a laser engraved ASV logo. The F3 Series starts at $75.00 each.

Our “F1 Series” levers are forged from 6061 Aluminum, have the same lever shape as the F3 Series, (similar shape as your stock levers) carry a 1-year guarantee and are our most affordable levers available starting at $50.00 each.

Our new C6 and F3 models also offer a "Pro Model" Clutch Lever and Perch that features a Pro Perch with adjust on the fly cable adjuster and other features not found on standard models. All three models are available for four strokes with integrated hot start lever options. All three models have the same folding pivot design and adjustable reach, and use the same high quality components.

Q- What is the difference between a "Pro Model" Clutch Lever and a "Standard" model clutch lever?

A- ASV "Standard" and "Pro" model clutch levers use the same ASV unbreakable lever (F3 or C6) the only difference is the Perch.

The ASV "Pro Model" clutch lever (F3 Seies and C6 Series) features an ASV Designed "Pro Model" perch that has four features not found on the "Standard" perch that comes with our standard clutch levers. (1) First and foremost it features a "true" quick adjustable cable adjuster that adjusts your clutch cable tension by simply turning an indexing star dial at the barrel. The barrel does not thread into the perch, it slides in or out when the star adjuster is turned. The star adjuster features internal springs and bearings with set screw tensioners that allow you to increase or decrease the effort required to spin the dial and the tension of the indexing detents that the spring loaded bearings fall in and out of. (2) The ASV "Pro Model" clutch perch also features sealed bearings on the main pivot between the perch and lever, (3) an ASV dust cover is also included. (4) The ASV "Pro Model" clutch also features ASV's patented Rotator Clamp to allow the perch AND lever to rotate on the bar in the event of a verticle impact, protecting the entire perch and lever assembly.

"Standard" model clutch lever (F3 Series) uses the same ASV designed and manufatured perch that is forged, uses an adjuster barrel that threads into the perch that uses a star shaped jam nut to lock the adjuster barrel. The "Standard" model clutch lever can be upgraded with an ASV dust cover, (Standard perch does not include a dust cover) Bearing Kit (Standard perch uses a bushing between the perch and lever) and an ASV Rotator Clamp (Standard perch uses a clamp without the nylon sleeve that a Rotator perch uses) The ASV Standard and Pro Model clutch levers use the same ASV unbreakable lever the only difference is the perch.

Q- I installed my ASV clutch lever and perch and now I have too much play in my clutch cable and can not get enough tension on my clutch cable.

A- This can happen on a few years and makes of dirt bikes and quads.

First, make sure you have extended all adjusters related to your clutch cable including and "in-line" cable adjusters along the cable and sometimes hidden behind the numbere plate or shrouds.

Please contact ASV Customer Support at: 714-861-1400 ext 100 or and request a part we make called a "Barrel Extender". This part fits into the end of your ASV perch adjuster barrel (Fits both standard model and Pro Model perch barrel's) and makes your adjuster barrel longer to take up the unwanted slack. Each barrel extender takes up about 1/2" of slack can "nest" or "stack" into each other to take up additional slack if needed. ASV supplies this part at no charge to any owner of a genuine ASV clutch lever. Some Authorized ASV dealers have these available in their stores as well.

Q- I installed my ASV clutch lever and perch and now I do not have enough play in my clutch cable and can not get enough slack on my clutch cable tension.

A- This is an extremely rare problem as we have designed our clutch levers to err of the side of having too much slack on the clutch cable rather than not enough.

First, make sure you have located all cable adjusters including any in-line cable adjusters and collapse the adjusters all the way in. Also look for an adjutser at the motor where the clutch cable actuates the clutch arm . In some cases this arm can be re-positioned to allow the slack you need. Also make sure your clutch cable is not caught up on anything and is properly connected down at the engine. 

If all adjuters are collapsed and there is no other way to get the slack you need, you will need to modify your clutch cable by removing some of the outer housing, or find a similar clutch cable (from an older or newer bike model that is the same as yours) that has more inner cable extending out of the housing (bring your cable to the dealer to compare) or you can order a custom cable from Motion Pro or Terrycable that has more free play. Again, this is an EXTEMELY rare situation and we highly recommend making sure it is not a simple solution before modifying or replacing your clutch cable.

Q- My stock clutch lever and perch has electrical wires connected to it and I don't see where to plug them into the ASV perch?

A- You have a bike with an electric start motor. All late model motorcycles with electric start have a safety switch in the stock perch commonly called a "neutral kill switch" this makes it so that you have to pull the clutch lever in before the electric starter will work. This is purely a safety precaution to keep your bike from being inadvertantly started while in gear and casing the bike to move forward while the starter is turning over the engine. 

At this time, ASV does not make a clutch perch with a neutral kill switch and recepticle to plug your wires into. ASV does offer a "Clutch Lever Only" with no perch, an unbreakable ASV lever that mounts into your stock perch. We do make this for many models, (including most Yamaha WR's Honda CRF-X's and Suzuki DRZ's) please see our applications charts and look for the column with a heading "Lever Only" to see if we make one for your year, make and model. These lever only applications will allow you to keep your neutral kill switch in tact because you will still use your stock perch.

If we do not make a "Lever Only" model for your bike or, you do not want a safety neutral kill switch on your bike, you can use our complete ASV lever and perch and simply disconnect the wires and coil them up and zip tie them under your shroud. In some cases you may need to cut the wire and tie them together to complete the circuit, but we recommend just disconnecting first and trying the starter (MAKE SURE BIKE IS NOT IN GEAR) to make sure the starter works when not plugged in. Please be aware that by disconnecting your neutral kill switch your bike will now start anytime with the clutch in or out, bike in gear or in neutral. 


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