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ASV Clutch Perch Dust Cover #PPDC01

ASV Clutch Perch Dust Cover

Part# PPDC01

The ASV Pro Model Clutch Perch is an ASV Clutch Perch that has a quick adjuster, rotator sleeve and comes with a dust cover. This would be a replacement dust cover for the one that came with your Pro Model Clutch. This dust cover also fits the latest generation of the ASV Standard Rotator Perch that is sold without a dust cover. To identify if you have the latest model Standard perch you should have a "C6" engraved into the side of the lever where it mounts into the perch (small silver part of the lever on the underside). If there is no number engraved on your clutch lever anywhere then this dust cover will not fit your clutch perch. 

  • Fits ALL ASV Pro Model Clutch as well as Generation II Standard Perches. 
  • Keeps dirt out of the levers, ensuring long life and functionality of the ASV lever.
  • Includes two different size lever pivot bolts to accommodate all front brake systems.
Our price: $10.00
ASV Clutch Perch Dust Cover #PPDC01

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