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Rebuilding Your ASV Lever

Rebuilding Your ASV Lever

Your ASV lever should last without the need for rebuilding. If any part of your lever has broken and your lever is still under warranty, you can send the complete lever back to ASV for FREE repair ore replacement. Click for warranty information >> WARRANTY

If your lever bearings have worn out or your spring has lost its original tension, you can replace these items. Simply remove the main pivot bolt and nut using an 11 mm box wrench and a 4 mm allen wrench and remove the bolt. Be careful, as the spring is under tension. (See photo 1) To remove bearings, lay lever blade on it’s side and use a punch and light hammer. (See photo 2) To remove the spring from the knee, slide out the two pivots (as shown in photo 3). An ASV Lever rebuild kit that includes bearings and a new spring can be ordered directly from ASV for $10.00

Click Here to Order Rebuild Kit

To re-assemble lever: First, insert small, black Delrin spring sleeve into inside of spring (photo 5). Next, put spring and sleeve into knee (photo 6). Next, insert two small steel pivot tubes into each side of hole where spring is to hold the spring into place. Be sure to insert the correct end, as one end has a very small flange that is hard to see, but will not allow you to insert that end. (photo 7) Next, position knee for installation into blade. Position the “L” shape at the end of the spring on the top of the blade as shown (photo 8) Next, slide knee into position, keeping spring on outside of channel as shown (photo 9) Next, align knee and blade hole and insert large pivot bolt. Make sure bolt in facing the right way. The head of the bolt should be on the top of the lever when the lever in in the same position that it is when it’s on your motorcycle. (photo 10)

If additional parts are required, you can contact ASV for the required parts and order them direct.


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