Full guide for installing ASV brake levers that use a cable operated brake cable and perch



Applicable for the following ASV part numbers.

  • BDF205SX
  • BDF205SH
  • BDF405SX
  • BDF405SH
  • BDF405PX
  • BDF405PH
  • BDC605PX
  • BDC605PH


  1. Remove Front wheel
  2. Adjust one notch on drum brake sprocket
  3. Remove OEM DUST Cover
  4. Loosen brake cable and remove from perch
  5. Install cable boot (ASV Pro Perch only)
  6. Remove OEM BRAKE Perch
  7. Install ASV Perch
  8. Install ASV lever and reinstall brake cable.  Leave some slack to account for pull and temperature changes
  9. Install ASV Dust Cover