Full installation guide ASV cable-operated off-road clutch levers



This applies to

  • CDF206SX
  • CDF206SH
  • CDF406SX
  • CDF406SH
  • CDF406PX
  • CDF406PH
  • CDC606PX
  • CDC606PH
  • Any pair pack SKU that ends in "-06SX", "-06SXH", "-06PX", or "-06PH"



  1. Remove hotstart cable (if applicable)
  2. Loosen clutch cable
  3. Remove cable from lever
  4. Remove Clutch Perch
  5. Install Cable boot (ASV Pro Perch only)
  6. Install hotstart cable (if applicable)
  7. When installing rotator clamp, tighten just enough that rotation is still possible with your hands.
  8. Install cable into lever.  Leave some slack to account for pull and temperature changes
  9. Apply Locktite to mounting perch
  10. Install mounting perch
  11. Install ASV Dust Cover