​Cable Adjust vs Reach Adjust Dials on Your Motorcycle Clutch Lever

Posted by ASV on Oct 13th 2023

​Cable Adjust vs Reach Adjust Dials on Your Motorcycle Clutch Lever

The ASV Inventions cable adjust clutch dial and reach adjust clutch dial are some of the bests addons for your clutch lever if you do not already have them. Both items help with the performance and use of your clutch when you are riding your dirt bike or street bike. Below we will go into the difference between the two and the different advantages each one has. If you do not have a or cable adjust dial reach adjust dial on your bike now, you can shop for them here at asvinventions.com.

The Cable Adjust Dial

If you’re an avid motorcycle rider, then you know how important the clutch lever is for your bike's smooth operation. Apart from helping you shift gears smoothly; the clutch lever also provides you greater control over the bike's speed and acceleration. Did you know that using a cable adjust lever on your motorcycle clutch lever can significantly increase your riding experience?

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Understanding the Cable Adjust Dial

Before we dive into how to use the cable adjust lever on your motorcycle clutch, let's take a moment to understand what it is. A cable adjust lever is a small knob found on most of our ASV Inventions motorcycle clutch levers that allow riders to adjust the length (or distance) they need to pull in the clutch lever to disengage the clutch. With the cable adjust lever, you can easily adjust the tension on your clutch cable, making the clutch easier to pull in and disengage.

Setting up the Cable Adjust Dial

To start using the cable adjust lever, you’ll need to make sure that it's set up correctly. Begin by adjusting the clutch lever to the traditional setting. Once you’ve set it up, turn the cable adjust lever to make fine adjustments to the clutch lever cable tension to your liking. It’s best to start with a small adjustment and test it out to see if you feel the difference. If you’re comfortable and happy with the engagement of your clutch, then you can keep that setting. If not, you can continue to fine-tune the adjustment until you are comfortable.

The Benefits of Using Cable Adjust Dial

The cable adjust lever is becoming popular among motorcyclists for its many benefits. With this feature, you can adjust your clutch cable and maintain the optimal level of friction between the cable and the clutch. This means that there is less strain on your hand, and you get more control over your bike’s speed and acceleration. Moreover, you can easily adjust the cable tension during long rides, depending on the riding conditions and your preference. This is the main benefit because as the name suggests, you can quickly adjust your cable clutch. For dirt bike racers this is a great feature because they can adjust their clutch tension during long motos when the clutch will begin to wear out.

Mastering the Cable Adjust Dial

Like everything else in the world of motorcycling, mastering the cable adjust lever takes time and practice. First, start by using it on your daily rides and make small adjustments as you go. Generally speaking, you do not have to constantly adjust your clutch, but if you are going on long rides or put wear and tear on your clutch over time, this is a good and easy way to get your clutch back adjusted to your liking. With time, you’ll get the hang of understanding the right amount of clutch pressure based on the rpm of the engine when shifting gears. This will give you a more comfortable and smoother ride and make using your clutch system more intuitive as well.

Using It Correctly

While using the cable adjust lever, it's essential to keep an eye on the clutch cable’s tension. Over time, the cable might become stretched, and you may need to adjust this tension frequently. It's always better to keep your clutch cable well-maintained and lubricated to prevent breakage or wear and tear. Moreover, just like any other control system on your motorcycle, it's essential to be comfortable and confident using the Cable adjust lever, so practice regularly.

Mastering the art of using a cable adjust lever needs time, patience, and plenty of practice. With this skill, you can easily adjust your motorcycle clutch cable tension and maintain ideal clutch engagement. A well-adjusted clutch friction point will give you greater control over your bike's speed and acceleration, making you a safer and more comfortable rider. So, follow these simple tips and start practicing to master this essential motorcycling skill today.

The Reach Adjust Dial

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Are you familiar with the reach adjust dial on your motorcycle clutch lever? Although it sounds like the cable adjust dial, they are different. While the cable adjust dial helps with your clutch cable tension, the reach adjust dial helps to set up your clutch lever according to what is most comfortable for your hand size. The reach adjust dial allows you to bring the lever closer to the handlebar, or can extend the lever out further depending on your hand size and what your are most comfortable with.

How it Works

Let's start with what the reach adjust dial actually is. Essentially, it is a small wheel or lever located on the clutch lever of your motorcycle. This wheel or lever allows you to adjust the distance between the clutch lever and the handlebar grip, offering a customizable range of reach that allows you to find the perfect position for your own personal riding comfort.

Importance of Gripping your Clutch

The clutch lever is an essential component of your motorcycle, responsible for controlling the power that goes to the rear wheel. When you use the clutch lever, the plates of the clutch disengage from each other, allowing you to shift gears smoothly while controlling the motorcycle at the same time. The reach adjust dial on your clutch lever allows you to achieve the perfect grip for maximum control and comfort.

Why use the Reach Adjust Dial

So, why does the reach adjust dial matter? The answer is simple: everyone's hands are different, and what feels comfortable for one person may not feel comfortable for another. The reach adjust dial provides a simple way to customize the position of the clutch lever for your individual comfort, allowing you to ride more comfortably and safely.

Advantages of the Reach Adjust Dial

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of a customized clutch lever position is added comfort. Adjusting the clutch lever to a position that feels just right can have a significant impact on your hands, wrists, and forearms. For long rides, this can mean the difference between arriving at your destination with aching hands and arriving feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Beyond the physical comfort benefits, the right clutch lever position can also improve your performance on the road and dirt. With a well-positioned clutch lever, you can shift gears quickly and smoothly, allowing you to focus on the road ahead and maintain better control of the motorcycle while navigating turns or challenging terrain.

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In conclusion, the cable adjust dial and reach adjust dial on your motorcycle clutch lever are small but important details that can make a big difference in your riding experience. By giving you the ability to customize the clutch lever position based on your own individual needs, the reach adjust dial can improve your comfort, control, and performance on the road. The cable adjust on the other hand help you quickly adjust your bike cable when riding, providing you will the optimal clutch cable tension for your riding style. If you haven't already experimented with adjusting your clutch lever, give it a try and see how it can transform your ride.