TAMER Holeshot Device

What is a Motocross Holeshot device?

The TAMER holeshot device keeps your front wheel on the ground during hard launches, giving the bike extra traction and speed during the most important part of the race.  It uses a patented latching mechanism and a specialized fork ring that mounts to the bike's fork guard to temporarily compress the front-end of the bike, shifting the weight forward and keeping the front wheel "tame" and in the dirt where it belongs.  After a few bumps, the device unlatches and brings your suspension back to normal.  The best part?  It's completetely legal and is widely used by factory, pro, and amateur mx racers.


Since 2001, thousands of professional racers, factory teams, and amateur racers have trusted TAMER Holeshot Devices and ASV Unbreakable Levers to give them the edge they needed to get the holeshot.  Now, ASV has partnered with TAMER, the original designer and manufacture of the holeshot device, to provide american-made holeshot devices to a wider range of motocross racers.

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