Double Button Holeshot Device + Mounting Ring - HH-06

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The Tamer double button Holeshot Hookup system is the same principal used by Factory Kawasaki and Pro Circuit racing.  Tamer is the only 2 button system available on the market today and there is a reason for this, we have the patent. 


Tired of ripping your button out of your plastic?  Our X-Wing design solves the issue of ripping out that button from the plastic by spreading the load out over the plastic fork guard and it looks trick also. 


Suspension robs power on the start, but you need your suspension for the rest of the race.  The Tamer immobilizes the suspension on the start and then gives that suspension back to you after the first turn.  


Additionally, not all starting lines are the same and the innovative design of the Tamer Double Button feature allows you options. Whether it’s dry slick, sandy, tacky, or concrete, the Tamer Double Button works! CONCRETE?  That’s right, the Tamer Double Button works on concrete.  After all, drag racing uses this same concept and they start on concrete every time and that is why the upper button is perfect for all concrete starting areas.  Try that with any one position device, not happening.  Plus, the Tamer Holeshot Hookup is legal in all Amateur National stock (Limited) classes, so no excuses, every racer should use a starting device, so give yourself the advantage over your competition with the best, the Tamer Double Button Holeshot Hookup.


This is the complete system including the Double button, the fork ring, the drill template for button placement on fork guards and all assembly hardware needed.