ASV levers for KTM 790 and 890 Duke and Adventure!

Posted by Mike B on Feb 28th 2024

ASV levers for KTM 790 and 890 Duke and Adventure!

ASV Unbreakable Levers now available for the KTM 790-890 Duke, Adventure, and SMT series!

Why use ASV Unbreakable Levers for Your KTM 890?

Unbreakable: The first and most obvious benefit of ASV levers is their unbreakable strength. Made from 6061 billet aluminum, ASV levers are built to withstand all types of riding conditions and harsh weather. With a unique spring design, they have been proven to last significantly longer than standard levers, giving you complete peace of mind while riding. Plus with a 5-year Unbreakable Guarantee, you can rest assured knowing your levers are in it for the long ride.

Adjustability: Another great feature of our ASV levers is their adjustability options. Most ASV levers have a custom fit design, meaning that they can be adjusted to fit the rider's hand size and preference. ASV Inventions offers both short and standard-length levers for riders. This allows for greater comfort and control while riding, reducing hand fatigue and muscle strain on your street bike. They also come with a reach-adjustable feature, allowing you to adjust the lever's length to suit your preference, which is a great feature for those with smaller or larger hands.

Improved Style: ASV levers not only enhance your bike's performance but also its overall style and appearance. With a sleek and modern design, these levers instantly upgrade your bike's look, making it stand out from the crowd. They come in a variety of colors and finishes, so you're bound to find a set that matches your bike's aesthetics.

Easy Installation: Installing ASV levers onto your street bike is an easy process, requiring only basic tools and knowledge of your bike's make and model. Once installed, they provide a snug and secure fit, reducing any wobbliness or looseness that may occur with regular levers. This is important for riders who demand high performance and don't want to worry about loose or rattling levers.


19-20790 Adventure / RBRC555JCRC553
2024*790 AdventureBRC555JCRC553
19-20790 DukeBRC543CRC553
23-24*790 DukeBRC543CRC553
21-24*890 Adventure / R / RallyBRC555JCRC553
21-22890 DukeBRC543CRC553
21-24*890 Duke RBRC554CRC553
2024*890 SMTBRC555CRC553


2024*990 DukeBRC543CRC553


22-24*Norden 901BRC555JCRF353