What to Know About Sag on Your Dirt Bike and Why it is Important

Posted by ASV on Sep 22nd 2023

What to Know About Sag on Your Dirt Bike and Why it is Important

Dirt bike riding is an exciting and adventurous activity that many people enjoy. One crucial component that every dirt bike rider should learn to optimize is setting the sag on your dirt bike. But what is sag, and why is it essential for your dirt bike? Below, we will explore what sag is, how to set it correctly, and why it's crucial for a safe and smooth ride.

What Is Sag?

Sag is the amount of suspension compression that occurs when you sit on your dirt bike. Proper sag adjustment is essential for a comfortable and safe ride. When you apply the right sag settings, you can improve your dirt bike handling, traction, and overall performance.

How to Find the Sag on Your Dirt Bike?

dirt bike sag tool

Firstly, start by getting your dirt bike into a neutral position. Ideally, your dirt bike should be upright on an even surface in the same position as when you ride it. Secondly, sit on your dirt bike in full riding gear, including helmet, boots, and anything else you wear when riding. Thirdly, measure the distance between the rear axle and the rear fender. This distance is your sag.

Finding the Sag on Your Dirt Bike with the ASV Dirt Bike Solo Sag Scale

The ASV Dirt Bike Solo Sag Scale is a game changing product that allows you to easily check the sag on your dirt bike. Typically, this takes two people with the rider sitting on the bike and another person measuring the sag. With the ASV Dirt Bike Solo Sag Scale you are actually able to measure the sag on your dirt bike by yourself. The Solo attaches to your bike, eliminating the need for assistance, and ensuring that every time you measure, you are using the same measure points. The Solo also displays the exact sag measurement, eliminating the need to write down numbers to calculate the measurement. It is simple to use and an essential tool for setting your sag. It is CNC manufactured of 6061 aluminum alloy with anodized and precision laser etched measurement numbers for accuracy and years of use. The Solo Sag Scale is 100% made in the USA and comes with an unconditional 5-Year Guarantee from ASV. Overall, this is a tool that every dirt bike rider should carry if you are serious about your bike settings. 

Adjusting Your Sag

After measuring your sag with your ASV Dirt Bike Solo Sag Scale, you may need to adjust it to fit your riding style, weight, and terrain. To adjust the sag, use a wrench to turn the adjuster collars on your shock. You can tighten the collars to decrease the sag or loosen them to increase it. Aim to get your sag to fall within the recommended range for your type of bike and riding style.

Why Is Sag Adjustment Important?

Sag adjustment helps you get the most out of your dirt bike's suspension, improves safety, and overall performance. Proper sag settings allow your dirt bike to sag the right amount when you sit on it, which helps maintain the correct suspension geometry, ensuring optimal contact with the ground and preventing your dirt bike from bottoming out.

Sag adjustment helps control your dirt bike's behavior in corners, on jumps, and various terrains. Without the proper sag settings, the bike can be unstable and difficult to handle. It also leads to premature wear and tear of the suspension system, which can be costly to fix. It is important to continually check the sag on your dirt bike because over time it will change. Checking it regularly ensures you have the correct setting for you every time you hop on your dirt bike.

Final Thoughts

Sag adjustment is a crucial aspect of dirt bike riding that every rider should learn and practice. Adjusting your sag correctly can positively affect your dirt bike's handling and performance, leading to better traction, stability, and overall safety during rides. Using the ASV Dirt Bike Solo Sag Scale allows you to easily measure your sag by yourself accurately and efficiently. We recommend using this to make measuring and adjusting the sag a part of your regular dirt bike maintenance routine. In the end, you will enjoy the benefits of a smooth and more controlled ride!