Which series of levers should I choose?

We make our levers in a variety of series to suit your price point and preferences for look and feel. Regardless of which ASV lever series you choose, rest assured that you'll get the same quality components, commitment to function and top-notch customer service. Check out these comparison charts for Street, Off-Road and ATV to help you decide which series is right for you.

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After installing my ASV clutch lever there is too much cable slack in my clutch and I can not adjust it out with the in-line cable adjuster and perch adjuster.

1) First make sure that you have extended the inline cable adjuster to take up the excess slack in your clutch cable.

If that did not take out the slack you required, check and see if you have an adjuster down near the motor and adjust the slack there as well. 

2) If you have already extended your in-line and engine clutch cable adjusters and you still have too much slack, we have a spacer we make called a Barrel Extender. ASV will supply you two of them at no charge (shipping costs may apply).

The ASV barrel extender will take up almost 1/2 “ of slack. If that is not enough, you can stack two on top of each other and get almost 1” of slack taken out which should be more than enough. Also remember that you do not want to use your clutch perch cable adjuster for more than 1/4” to 1/2” of taking out slack. If you do you also need to use an ASV Barrel Extender to eliminate the slack.

You can order a pair of Barrel Extenders online by clicking this link - Barrel Extenders 

 or you can email a request to ASV customer service at: techsupport@asvinventions.com (Be sure to give us your full name and address so we can ship them to you and mention that you require ASV Barrel Extenders for your ASV clutch.